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Elevator Accidents

Knowledgeable Georgia Attorneys Represent Clients Injured in Elevator Accidents

Committed law firm assists victims of negligence in the Atlanta area

When an elevator breaks or otherwise fails to function in the way it should, there can be dire consequences for the people within. A lift that goes into freefall may leave a person with lifelong physical injuries and emotional trauma. Faulty doors, poor wiring and improper installation also cause serious harm to riders. The attorneys at Stein & Fox, LLC are well-versed in the Georgia laws governing liability for elevator accidents, and we are prepared to seek full compensation for victims throughout Georgia.

Skilled Georgia attorneys seek full compensation on behalf of injured clients

Elevators rely on finely tuned mechanical systems in order to carry people safely. If even one part of the system fails, an elevator can become extremely dangerous. We seek compensation on behalf of individuals who have suffered such serious injuries as:

  • Limb injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Crushed fingers
  • Head trauma
  • Nerve damage
  • Amputations
  • Electric shock
  • Burns
  • Emotional trauma

Our goal is to obtain a settlement or verdict for an amount of money that will cover your medical costs, pain and suffering, lost income and other expenses stemming from the accident.

Determined lawyers file elevator injury suits against liable parties

Elevator injury cases present unique issues because there are often multiple parties involved in elevator maintenance. Responsibility for the injury is generally determined by who was in control of maintaining the elevator’s safe functioning at the time of the accident. Depending on the details of your case, we may take action against the:

  • Property owner — A property owner owes a duty of care to their tenants, customers and other visitors who are lawfully on the property. If they fail to keep their elevators in good maintenance or to seek swift repairs when a problem arises, they put everyone at risk.
  • Maintenance and repair companies — Mechanics may make careless mistakes or neglect their duties when servicing elevators. In these cases, the service company may be liable for injuries.
  • Elevator manufacturer — When an elevator malfunctions due to an inherent problem with a part of the machinery, we may seek damages from the manufacturer.

A court will also consider whether a victim’s actions played any role in causing the injury.

At Stein & Fox, LLC, we use experienced investigators and experts to help prove the extent of your injuries and the responsibility of other parties.

Contact trusted Georgia personal injury attorneys for an elevator accident claim

Elevator accidents can have long-lasting repercussions for victims. The attorneys at Stein & Fox, LLC, in Morrow, help injured individuals with civil claims against liable parties. Call us at 770-796-4047 or contact us online to arrange a consultation with a committed personal injury attorney.

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